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Agency Advantages


Most importantly we provide a service for you so you can have more time which we all know there is never enough of!  We will do all of the leg work for you.

  • We market ourselves to save you cost and time.
  • We have our applicants fill out thorough applications and interview them for you.
  • We provide all necessary background checks – once again to save you the time, money, and wonders about the person.  By the time we are done screening them, there should be absolutely no doubts about the applicant.  If there are, I simply won’t let them work for you!
  • We will provide resource information for such as taxes for when you employ a nanny, health insurance for the nanny, and local family resources.


Nanny Advantages

If you’ve never had a nanny before, you are in for a real treat!  Not only will the nanny care for your child or children but they will take care of the daily housework fo you, children’s laundry, pet needs, running them to their activities, and no more missing work when they are sick – they will be there to care for tehm and anything else to make your life easier.  These things need to be agreed upon in writing, but they are normal nanny duties.  So if you work 8-12 hour days, you can come home and focus on your kids and not the dirty dishes.  Let me tell you, having a nanny can be a life savor!


Also, your children will be able to be in the comfort of their own home.  No waking them and dragging them out of bed for the morning hustle and bustle.



Your child’s safety is our priority!  We will collect all records listed:

  • Verification of their social security number
  • Copy of proof of C.I.
  • Background and criminal check
  • DHS check/Sex offender check
  • Driving records
  • Copy of any CPR, first aid, or any other medical dertificates they may have.


*All information is kept confidential between the clients, nanny, and agent!


If you are a family that has found your nanny and would like to request a copy of their file including application, background check, character, child care, and other employment references you may do so by contacting us by phone or email.  I will bill you at the time we sign our placement/referral agreement.

For any questions, please contact us here


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