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Home Fees pertaining to permanent part time and full time nannies:
  • $100.00 - non-refundable application fee to cover processing, interviewing, and extensive background checks.  This application fee is good for one year form date signed.
  • Part Time nannies $300.00
  • $600.00 – non-refundable placement and referral fee only if the agency can find you a match within three months of the date the application is filed for full-time.  Money will not be due until we sign a contract between you and the family and the Agency.
  • $800.00 – Live-in nanny.  
  • ** Summer Only** Referral/Placement fee of $300.00

Fees pertaining to temporary nannies (on an occasional nanny)

  • $100 non-refundable application fee.  Same rules follow for permanent nannies except I will affer this at no cost if you’ve already applied for a permanent nanny.
  • $75 membership fee to a listing on nannies who are available for an on the occasion basis.  For example, an evening out or a holiday party.

All application fee always includes a consolation

How this membership works –

You call me  hours prior to needing a temporary nanny and I will make the calls.  Once I find an available pre-screened nanny, I will have her call you for an interview if you wish or you can simply go over their service needed at that time.

If you call less than 24 hours before needing someone and I’m able to find an available nanny, there will be a $15 reservation fee due payable to C.I.N. within 14 days of service.  We will send you an invoice as a friendly reminder.  However, if I am not able to accommodate your needs, I will not charge you.

Once you have used this service, I will call to follow up on how our nanny worked out.  The next time you use this service, you may put in a special request for the same nanny.

Making a Request –

And, remember, you can make the request by simply calling us at C.I.N. or by using the contact form online.  At that time, we will need to know the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Date and time needed
  • Any special requests – maybe one of your children has a practice to go to and will need transportation, etc.
  • Your pay rate

We know everyone’s budget is different but please remember to pay the temporary nannies between $8-$20 per hour which is the current going rate.  Also, remember to pay those directly to the nanny.

If you are needing a care provider for 24 hours or more, the pay rate is $200 for the first 24 hours and $75 per every 8 hours thereafter, paid directly to your nanny.


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